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Geeksnerds Drive Check is a free software tool, which check the status of a drive whether a drive is healthy or not. The drive test utility is helpful in those cases where data is lost and user wants to know the status of the hard drive that whether it is healthy or not. If a hard drive is checked by Geeksnerds Drive Check and the drive has passed the test, this mean that the data loss is due to some logical error, whereas in case the drive fails the drive check, the cause of the data loss could be some physical failure or bad sectors. The drive check software is free software.

Geeksnerds Drive Test Software 
Download for XP/NT/2000
Download for Windows Vista

Drive Check utility will be help in those cases where the user want to check the status of drive without further damaging the drive. Incase the drive test software detects bad sectors; it will automatically take a jump and skip the area. If the drive contains too many bad sectors, the software will stop and prompt the user to stop using the drive checking utility so that the user may not damage the drive further. The user can check any drive using Geeksnerds Drive Check irrespective of size and brand. The drive check can be used on SATA, IDE, Flash drives, SCSI, SAS, Firewire media, External drive and removable media.

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