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Data Recovery Service By Geeksnerds UK

Geeksnerds data recovery provides data recovery services from all storage devices in case of disaster. Geeksnerds data recovery has in house data recovery R&D department to solve data loss problems arising due to logical as well as physical damage to all medium including Hard Disk Drives. Recovery attempts by friends and even IT professionals who are not data recovery experts may cause permanent damage to the storage devices leading to data being irretrievable. If you have a data disaster scenario, contact Geeksnerds Data Recovery Experts.

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Data Recovery Software

Geeksnerds data recovery has developed over 15 software products to help experienced clients who have expertise in “IT” and want to recover data from logical or file system problems. Our in house Research and Development of Software give us an edge over our competitors in the UK based data recovery industry. Geeksnerds line of data recovery software have advanced algorithm to get data back from Windows, Mac and Linux machines. Geeksnerds has also developed recovery software to recover emails form Microsoft office and Exchange, data wiping, drive cloning and SQL and SharePoint servers.

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Geeksnerds data recovery specializes in

Hard Drive Data Recovery Service

The Hard Drive Data Recovery is carried out by experienced data recovery Engineers. Geeksnerds Data Recovery has the experience and knowledge to recovery data from Western Digital, Hitachi, Seagate, Fujitsu, Toshiba and all other brands.

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RAID Data Recovery Service

Geeksnerds has 20 years of experience in the fields of data recovery. RAID servers should not be trusted with inexperienced technicians. For RAID0, RAID1, RAID5, RAID6, RAID (0+1) and RAID (0+1) recovery, contact the RAID Recovery Experts at Geeksnerds.

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Laptop Data Recovery Service

If you need laptop recovery service then you have come to the right place. Geeksnerds data recovery Experts has years of experience in recovery of data from 2.5”, 1.8” and SSD laptop hard drives.We can recover data from HP, DELL, Apple, Samsung and all others.

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USB Device Data Recovery

USB devices especially External and portable hard drives are usually used for backup. Data loss due to problem with USB hard drives is devastating as you lose all your back. Our experienced experts will get your data back from USB hard drives manufactured by Seagate, Western Digital, Lacie, Buffalo, Samsung Etc.

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Virtual Server Recovery Service

Virtual Server recoveries are more complex than regular RAID recoveries. Choose your data recovery provider wisely for Virtualised environment. The Recovery involves the storage hard drive, RAID System, Cloud and then the file created on the hardware which could be static or dynamic for virtual server.

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Recovery of Databases

Our database recovery experts have plenty of experience in recovering data from damaged database files. They can recover data from SQL server, Exchange Server, MS access, Oracle and many others damaged database files. Development of software for database recovery shows our expertise.

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Data recovery services

Experts at Geeksnerds data recovery over 20 years of experience in recovery of data from failed memory storage devices. Our data recovery experts can help you in all data loss scenarios.

  • Hard Disk Drive Data Recovery
  • RAID Data Recovery
  • Virtual Server Recovery
  • San & Nas server Data Recovery
  • USB Devices
  • Solid State Drive(SSD) Data Recovery
  • Encrypted Data Recovery
  • Recovery From Corrupt Database Files
  • Recovery Of Lost Emails
  • Mobile Phone & Tablets

Data recovery software

Geeksnerds data recovery has over 15 data recovery software products. Demo versions are available to check and test before buying the software. Our products are

  • Geeksnerds Windows Recovery Software
  • Geeksnerds Linux Recovery Software
  • Geeksnerds XFS Recovery Software
  • Geeksnerds JFS Recovery Software
  • Geeksnerds Mac Recovery Software
  • Geeksnerds RiserFS Recovery Software
  • Geeksnerds Exchange Recovery Software
  • Geeksnerds SQL Recovery Software
  • Geeksnerds Email Recovery Software
  • Geeksnerds Cloning Software
  • Geeksnerds Drive Wiping Software
  • Geeksnerds Photo Recovery Software

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DIY Data Recovery

Extreme care should be taken when data recovery is performed by oneself. Recovery by friend or even by an IT Expert who does not specialise in data recovery could make the data irretrievable by permanently damage the hard disk drive. Physical damaged drives should be send to a data recovery company as it requires special skills and clean room environment for data recovery.

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One morning when I woke up I was shocked to see that my hard disk had been crashed and all important data had vanished. I didn’t have any idea whom to contact in this critical situation. I talked to my friend and he gave me their number and I contacted them with no hope of recovery of my data. I don’t know how they did it but all my important data was recovered in a matter of two days. Thank you Geeksnerds for fixing my hard disk.

Brian Julian , | (a satisfied customer)

I am a student and an NTFS user. For the completion of my degree I had to complete my thesis work. All my important project work was in my system. My younger brother accidentally deleted my files. I had no one to get help from as I was unaware of the fact that my data could still be recovered until I checked Geeksnerds site and downloaded Free Recovery software. I am doing a job now and I owe it completely to you people

Tom Parker

I can't express my disbelief at the fact that I was able to recover some very important data which I had lost after formatting my hard disk. It’s truly amazing how great this software is, even more unbelievable is the fact that it's absolutely easy to use, 3 cheers to Geeksnerds

Bhaskar, | Leicester

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