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Clean Room Technology

Significance of Clean Room Technology in Data Recovery

Clean room technology has immense importance in data recovery field. Without full implementation of clean room technology harsh results can grounds more damage of data rather than its recovery. For example during hard disk data recovery if particles of dust settled down on opened hard disk platters then it will result to great infectivity and loss of data during read/write operation of the hard disk.

Clean Room Technology

Clean room is a vocation region where temperature, dampness and air have been maintained at its paramount level that is most appropriate for the undergoing operation in that work area. Clean room technology defend the different workings under process from contagion.

Usage Compartments of Clean Room Technology

Clean rooms technology is typically being used in medical, manufacturing of different sensitive storage media such as hard disk, silicon chips etc. Air in the clean room is taken under great consideration by its regular filtrations.

Classes of Clean Rooms

Clean rooms are classified in terms of classes from class 1 to 100000 and these classes are portrayed in federal standard 209.These classes of clean rooms are definite to the compassion of the work in clean rooms.

Extent of Clean Room Technology in Our Data Recovery Labs

Numerous data recovery companies assert of having far above the ground degree of clean room technology but the situation is not as good. So be wary in selecting a data recovery company for your damaged storage media.

We are pioneer of wholly implementing clean room technology in our data recovery labs. We use 100 class clean rooms for the data reterival process of our clients. Our data recovery engineers be dressed in special uniform in order to keep away the body parts from entering into the room temperature and making things severe for data recovery process.

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One morning when I woke up I was shocked to see that my hard disk had been crashed and all important data had vanished. I didn’t have any idea whom to contact in this critical situation. I talked to my friend and he gave me their number and I contacted them with no hope of recovery of my data. I don’t know how they did it but all my important data was recovered in a matter of two days. Thank you Geeksnerds for fixing my hard disk.

Brian Julian , | (a satisfied customer)

I am a student and an NTFS user. For the completion of my degree I had to complete my thesis work. All my important project work was in my system. My younger brother accidentally deleted my files. I had no one to get help from as I was unaware of the fact that my data could still be recovered until I checked Geeksnerds site and downloaded Free Recovery software. I am doing a job now and I owe it completely to you people

Tom Parker

I can't express my disbelief at the fact that I was able to recover some very important data which I had lost after formatting my hard disk. It’s truly amazing how great this software is, even more unbelievable is the fact that it's absolutely easy to use, 3 cheers to Geeksnerds

Bhaskar, | Leicester

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