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System Backup Software – FAQ’s

Q:  What is Geeksnerds Data Backup and its main functions?

A:  Geeksnerds Data Backup is a backup program for computer which can backup files, folders, documents, fix drives and removable media within minutes. The data backup software can backup data with encryption, compression and with password protection to ensure privacy. The scheduler can help to make the backup process automatic. The hard drive backup program maintains a complete log of the backup and restores activity. The software can backup data with no restriction of size or format. The system backup solution can restore data without any problem.

Q:  Why backup data is performed and what is its importance?

A:  Data can be lost due to any reason. It could be due to logical errors such as virus’s attack or formatted disk or it could be due to physical problems like hardware malfunctions or natural disaster. In order to avoid these unimaginable circumstances, most of the users backup their important data. It takes time and money to buildup important data but that data can be lost within no time. Geeksnerds data recovery software can backup data in order to cope with worse situations of data loss. The data backup utility can save the user from going into trouble of manual backup time and again, and more so it can take incremental backup to save disk space.

Q:  How the user can backup data?

A:  The user can backup data very easily irrespective of its format or where it is stored by using Geeksnerds data backup software. The hard drive backup program can take backup within no time and it can take backup in terabytes with ease. The user just has to run the software and click on the backup button on the left panel of software. The user will specify the data for backup and where backup is to be saved and in this manner the backup process will begin.

Q:  How the user can restore data?

A:  Geeksnerds data backup software restores the data in its original format. The location where the data is to be restored can be either original location or any other desired place. The data backup solution can restore data when the user clicks on the restore data button.

Q:  Is it possible backup data in a format which is secure and also protecting privacy?

A: Yes! The distinguishing feature of Geeksnerds Data backup is that it can protect the data privacy by protecting the backup data through encryption and in case of the restore function, password is required if the user wants the data to be protected.

Q:  Which Operating system data can be backup by using this software?

A: Geeknserds Data Backup functions on the following operating systems:

  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows Server 2003
  • Windows NT 4.0

Q:  What is full backup?

A:  Whenever Geeksnerds Data Backup backup the user’s data according to schedule settings, it will take the full backup of data rather than taking the backup of modified data: Such a state is called full backup.

Q:  What is incremental backup?

A:  Whenever Geeksnerds Data Backup backups the user’s data according to schedule settings, it will check all the data. If any file or folder has been modified, Geeksnerds Data Backup will only backup that particular file(s)/folder(s) rather than taking the backup of whole data. In this way, only one backup of data will be created, saving disk space and such backup will be last modified data according to schedule settings.

Q:  What sort of data can be backup by Geeksnerds Data Backup?

A: The software can backup any type of data, irrespective of its format, size or location. The system backup utility can backup data from a desktop hard disk, laptop hard drive as well as removable media and the backup can be saved at any location, which can be other partition on the same drive, or external hard drive or USB drive or Zip Drive or CD or DVD.

Q:  What is data compression?

A:  Geeksnerds data backup software allows the user to take backup with compression. The compression feature will save the disk space required for backup thus giving more free space on the disk. But when the user will restore data, the data will put back in format in which it was before taking backup.

Q:  Is it possible to select specific file(s) for backup?

A: Yes! The user can exclude file(s) which h/she doesn't want to include for backup. Geeksnerds Data backup software gives the user option through which the user can exclude files by giving their extension.

Q:  Is it possible to backup file(s) and folder(s) at the same time?

A: Yes! Selection of only file(s) or only folder(s) as well as combination of both is allowed by using Geeksnerd Data backup Software.

Q:  Is it possible to select specific file(s) or folder(s) to restore?

A:  Yes! The user can select desired file(s) or folder(s) or both. The user is given an option to restore selected data if the user doesn’t want to restore all the data.

Q:  What is data restoring and how it works?

A:  Data restore is to retrieve the backup data. Geeksnerds data recovery software can restore data on its original or alternate location with great ease. The data is restored in original format and only selected files can be restored rather than restoring the complete backup.

Q:  What is scheduler and what are its functions?

A: The scheduler automates the process of data backup. If the user wants to backup data automatically, the user can use the scheduler of Geeksnerds Data Backup. The system backup program will take backup continuously on the basis of scheduler which can be Run Daily, Run Hourly, Run on intervals, Run weekly, Run Monthly or Run at start up option.


One morning when I woke up I was shocked to see that my hard disk had been crashed and all important data had vanished. I didn’t have any idea whom to contact in this critical situation. I talked to my friend and he gave me their number and I contacted them with no hope of recovery of my data. I don’t know how they did it but all my important data was recovered in a matter of two days. Thank you Geeksnerds for fixing my hard disk.

Brian Julian , | (a satisfied customer)

I am a student and an NTFS user. For the completion of my degree I had to complete my thesis work. All my important project work was in my system. My younger brother accidentally deleted my files. I had no one to get help from as I was unaware of the fact that my data could still be recovered until I checked Geeksnerds site and downloaded Free Recovery software. I am doing a job now and I owe it completely to you people

Tom Parker

I can't express my disbelief at the fact that I was able to recover some very important data which I had lost after formatting my hard disk. It’s truly amazing how great this software is, even more unbelievable is the fact that it's absolutely easy to use, 3 cheers to Geeksnerds

Bhaskar, | Leicester

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