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JFS File System Recovery Software

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Geeksnerds Linux JFS recovery software recovers lost files and folders in almost all scenarios of data loss include damaged super block, corrupted directory entries (B-Tree) and file or partition deletion. Our Linux JFS recovery application contains a wide range of feature set:

  • It recovers file types of all sizes (even compressed files and folders).
  • It recovers files created by almost all the flavors of Linux including Red Hat, fedora core, desktop Linux flavors and Linux for servers.
  • It can detect hard drives that are connected on IDE, SCSI, SATA, ATA and USB or even from Firewire Channel.
  • The demo version of the Linux JFS recovery software scans the JFS file system. The scanning process provides you a wide range of features include:
    • Scanner: Our Linux JFS recovery software has a Powerful Directory Scanner which scans user drive quickly in a short duration of time.
    • File finder: This feature of JFS recovery software will search the files and folders from the corrupted system.
    • File displayer: Display feature of the software provide interface that will visualize both normal and deleted files. It provides Thumbnail View of the image file types in scan results. The healthy files are marked with the green tick and corrupted ones are marked with the red tick.
    • Resume:Resume feature is developed to resume scan or JFS data recovery process later to save your time and efforts.
  • Our JFS recovery software has the functionality to Save Scanned Results and save “Partition Scan” that can be loaded for later use and data can be recovered from the saved scanned results.
  • It can recover lost and corrupted files without considering the file system by Raw File Recovery settings. Geeksnerds Linux JFS application performs Raw File Recovery Process on partition and even on drive.
    • Our software shows the Raw File Recovery Results in a Separate Tab with recovery results arranged with their respective file types, which allow users to recognize their lost files and folders easily.
    • The Raw File Recovery Process can also be used with the advanced scan process.
  • Remote recovery feature
    • Provides Linux JFS data recovery from remote drive that is connected through Network Interface or through Serial D9 Interface and
    • Allows users to create Server and Client structure so that remote recovery could be performed.
  • Our JFS recovery software has the special features of disk image and disk clone.
    • Disk image feature can create image of entire hard drive/volume or selected region of hard drive/volume and provides Linux JFS recovery from Disk Image File (specifically created by using the Disk Image feature of the software with the extension '.GNI'). Create Image option makes exact copy of hard drive, disk volume or the user defined area of drive or disk volume. All data is saved in a single JFS file with image extension.
    • Clone feature can clone the faulty disk to a healthy disk and can also clone Healthy Hard drives as well as hard drives containing bad sectors.
  • Geeksnerds Linux JFS Recovery provide Virtual RAM feature that will allow users to perform operations on large hard drives containing voluminous data that will use more space in the main memory. Users can specify location for storing temporary data.
  • It has Efficient Directory Structure Builder, which can build directory structure in a matter of seconds.
  • Our Linux JFS recovery software scans and recovers files with their Exact Name and Directory Structure.
  • The software application allows users to Open Recovered Files before saving them.
  • Easy Navigational controls are designed for the ease of users.
  • Recovered files can be saved on any media or disks accessible by the host operating system. Users can rename files before saving them.
  • Geeksnerds Linux JFS file system recovery software is an easy to use, user friendly and quick tool for corrupted data.


One morning when I woke up I was shocked to see that my hard disk had been crashed and all important data had vanished. I didn’t have any idea whom to contact in this critical situation. I talked to my friend and he gave me their number and I contacted them with no hope of recovery of my data. I don’t know how they did it but all my important data was recovered in a matter of two days. Thank you Geeksnerds for fixing my hard disk.

Brian Julian , | (a satisfied customer)

I am a student and an NTFS user. For the completion of my degree I had to complete my thesis work. All my important project work was in my system. My younger brother accidentally deleted my files. I had no one to get help from as I was unaware of the fact that my data could still be recovered until I checked Geeksnerds site and downloaded Free Recovery software. I am doing a job now and I owe it completely to you people

Tom Parker

I can't express my disbelief at the fact that I was able to recover some very important data which I had lost after formatting my hard disk. It’s truly amazing how great this software is, even more unbelievable is the fact that it's absolutely easy to use, 3 cheers to Geeksnerds

Bhaskar, | Leicester

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