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Geeksnerds Windows Data Recovery Software can recover missing data from deleted or formatted drives. The software can also recover data in case partition is lost or corrupted and it has the functionality to detect the drive, which is not detected by Windows Explorer. It enables multiple partitions scanning. The data is recoverable even if the data is permanently deleted using Shift + Del keys. The user interface is friendly in comparison with other available utilities. It provides display options to show you either deleted and un-deleted file or deleted files only. The easy-to-operate tool can recover data for FAT, FAT12, FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS file systems as well as in cases where the disk has been Fdisked. There is no restriction on the recoverable data size or type.

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The Software can scan the drive 40% more efficiently and can build the directory structure within no time and also has the ability to show hidden files by any other utility.

Browser Features

In order to facilitate users to navigate through File Directory Structure, Geeksnerds Data Recovery Software contains some drive browsing facilities like Up, Back and Forward options. These options are very helpful for going back to the previous recovery results, thus activating multiple drive scan.

Viewing Features

Geeksnerds Data Recovery Software comes with some viewing features as follows:

  • Select the Tile option to set view to tile view
  • Select the small icon option to set view to small icons
  • Select the large icon option to set view to large icons
  • Select the detail option to set view to details
  • Select the list option to set view to list

The user can also arrange icons according to name, size and type by using view option. It provides 4 different drive scanning options:

1.  Normal Scan:

It will scan your drive normally and time for such scan is less as compared to other modes.

2.  Advance Scan:

In this mode the software will scan each and every sector of drive and such detail scan will take more time as compare to normal scan.

3.  Formatted Drive Recovery:

If your drive is formatted then select this option for recovering data.

4.  Deleted File Recovery:

It can help you recover files and folders even they have been permanently deleted i.e. having been deleted even from the Recycle Bin.

How to Search Files

To facilitate users in searching for lost files and directories, Geeksnerds Data Recovery Software bears the following useful searching criteria:
The user can search a file by specifying either all or part of the missing file name. User can specify the particular drive to look for deleted and un-deleted files and folders.
Files can also be found by searching for a word or phrase in the file.

Advanced Search Options

To allow users to get the lost data back in a time-based environment, certain advanced search options have been made available in this version of Geeksnerds Data Recovery Software.

Search By Date

For search results by time, the user can specify the date when the file was either created, modified or accessed. It will enable the user see only those files lost at a particular date. To make use of this feature just check the "Specify dates" option to locate files. The user can search a particular file by specifying any of the following options:

  • Don't remember: Select this option if you don't remember when the file/folder was modified last time.
  • Within the last week: Select this option if file/folder was modified in the last week.
  • Past month: Select this option if the file/folder was modified in the last month.
  • Within the past year: Select this option if the file/folder was modified in the past year.
  • Specify dates: Select this option if you know the date of modification and specify the date below.

Search By Size

Often the user doesn't want to wait till the scanning of whole drive. For quick recovery of files, you can specify the file size so that the required results are populated. If you select "at least" option and then specify the size, all of the files greater than the specified size will be included in search results. If you select the "at most" option and then specify the size, all of the files less than that size will be included in search results.
The options provided in this category are:

  • Don't remember: Select this option if you don't know the size of the file/folder.
  • Small (less than 100KB): Select this option if the size of file/folder is less than 100KB.
  • Medium (less than 1MB): Select this option if the size of file/folder is less than 1MB but more than 100KB.
  • Large (more than 1MB): Select this option if the size of file/folder is more than 1MB.
  • Specify size: Select this option if you know the size of the file/folder and specify the size below.

More Advanced Options

The users of Geeksnerds Data Recovery Software can make most out of this utility by utilizing some more advanced options for searching lost directories and files. You can search the files present in hidden folders. For optimizing search results, the users can also look for files and directories on the basis of case sensitivity. For doing this check the "Case sensitive" option.

The users can also look for only healthy files and folders by un-checking the "Search deleted files" option. If you want to see all the files including deleted and un-deleted ones, then check this option. You can also search for files in all the folders by checking "Search system folders" option. "Search hidden Files and folders" option allows you to look for files in hidden folders. If you do not wish to search files in subfolders, then simply un-check "Search subfolders" choice. If a file name is in upper case or lower case, then check "Case sensitive" option to keep searching criteria focused for getting desired results.

Listed below are the options available in the current version of software:

  • Search system folders: Select this option if you want to search the system files/folders.
  • Search hidden files and folders: Select this option if you want to search the hidden files/folders.
  • Search sub folders: Select this option if you want to search folders within the folders or sub folders.
  • Case sensitive: If you have two files/folders with same name, one starting with capital letter and the other with small letter, then through this option case sensitivity of the file/folder will be checked: if you typed the file name start with capital letter then it will search for the files beginning with the capital letter.
  • Search deleted files: Select this option if you want to search for the deleted files/folders.
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One morning when I woke up I was shocked to see that my hard disk had been crashed and all important data had vanished. I didn’t have any idea whom to contact in this critical situation. I talked to my friend and he gave me their number and I contacted them with no hope of recovery of my data. I don’t know how they did it but all my important data was recovered in a matter of two days. Thank you Geeksnerds for fixing my hard disk.

Brian Julian , | (a satisfied customer)

I am a student and an NTFS user. For the completion of my degree I had to complete my thesis work. All my important project work was in my system. My younger brother accidentally deleted my files. I had no one to get help from as I was unaware of the fact that my data could still be recovered until I checked Geeksnerds site and downloaded Free Recovery software. I am doing a job now and I owe it completely to you people

Tom Parker

I can't express my disbelief at the fact that I was able to recover some very important data which I had lost after formatting my hard disk. It’s truly amazing how great this software is, even more unbelievable is the fact that it's absolutely easy to use, 3 cheers to Geeksnerds

Bhaskar, | Leicester

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